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Vision control

Cheryl's Musings: Vision control

Cheryl's Musings

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Vision control

Okay: you've done that writing exercise where you envision what your writing success looks like. You've pared down your writing projects into a few concrete goals. Or maybe you just slapped your goals onto an index card on Jan. 1 and forgot about them. Either way, how are your goals faring now that it's mid-March?

I've found that I need regular "vision control" in order to keep my goals in sight and in working order. There are lots of great tools for organizing your writing life; I'm going to share one that works for me. Not only that, but it's worked for me for six or seven months straight--it's not one of those methods-that-look-cool-until-you-drop-it a few weeks later.

My tool? The Planner Pad (

I know, it looks like a lot of other calendar/organizers--but here's what I like. It has space for 7 lists across the top. I've titled mine: Writing, Personal, Home, School, Errands, Emails/Calls, and Contract Writing. In each list, I record all the stuff I want to work on in the coming week. For instance, under Writing, this week reads: edit JTKS, write new scene, craft-related reading, blog, outline science book.

Next: the bottom half of the page is a planning/appointment area--7 days, each with one line each for 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. That's where I fill in appointments that have to happen at particular times. It's also where I schedule time to work on the projects listed across the top of the page. Each day also includes its own to-do area, so that you can funnel the items on the top lists into actual spots on the calendar.

Sounds complicated when I write it out here, but it's not. And it's great for those of us who need a solid, paper planner in our hands (which, I've noticed, quite a few writers do.) It's low-tech, it's simple, and it's flexible...all of which are good for me.

If it sounds like it might be a useful tool for you, check them out. The Planner Pad company didn't even pay me to suggest it :).


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