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Reasons to blog

Cheryl's Musings: Reasons to blog

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Reasons to blog

It seems as if I've been hearing lots of blog-related discussions lately--in critique groups, in online groups, in writing workshops. The question I hear most often is: should I blog?

So Lily (inspirational poodle extraordinaire) and I are here to answer that question. Should you blog? Maybe--but you're asking the wrong question. The real question is: Why should you blog (instead of, say, rubbing the poodle's tummy?)

Writing a blog takes a fair bit of time and effort, so if you're going to make the commitment you need to understand your reasons. Besides, no one wants to read a blog that doesn't have a clear purpose (except maybe your mother.) The best blogs are those that know what they're about. Here are some examples:
Okay--I've given you a random list of blogs-with-a-purpose. They're successful blogs because they offer something to readers: information, humor, industry news. What's that have to do with why you want to blog?

Well, take a deeper look. What do the authors of these blogs gain in return for their effort?

A. Suen gets name recognition in the children's writing field, which has to be a good thing for someone who teaches children's writing. Cynthia Morris's blog helps her establish her credibility as a creativity coach. If you read her blog, you see she knows what she's talking about. Hey, maybe you'll even buy one of her e-books. (And she's building a platform...but I'm avoiding that buzz word for today.)

The Guide's blog? Well, they sell those hefty Guide to Literary Agents books, so if you like what you find online, maybe you'll order the guide.

Caryn gets a regular writing discipline from her blog, a place to share her writing, a web presence, and--because someone read her blog who was looking for a writer--she got a writing gig as a bonus.

So...should you blog? Maybe. First, you should figure out why--and if blogging can help you achieve that aim, go for it!

Otherwise, take the poodle for a walk. She's feeling neglected!

:) Cheryl

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