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Sticking to it!

Cheryl's Musings: Sticking to it!

Cheryl's Musings

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Sticking to it!

Sometimes, the only way to move forward on a writing project (or homework--as inspired by my homework-overloaded sixth grader) is to muster up your writing focus and spend a few solid hours with your pen. The problem is that many, many other things wait in the wings, ready to pounce the minute you sit down to work. It's easy to spend 45 minutes "working" and realize you've accomplished.

How do you stick to the work? Here are a few ideas that I find helpful (since I have a lot on my plate right now!)

  • Turn off the telephone.

  • Step away from the e-mail program.

  • Work in a room where you can close the door--and close it.

  • Get out of the house--fewer distractions attack in the library reading room

  • Prepare yourself with a water bottle and a snack (I like dried fruit or beef jerky) so you won't have to break for sustenance.

  • Bathroom needs? Take your work with you!

  • Post "Do Not Disturb" signs

I also find it helpful to start my writing/working time with a centering exercise. Sometimes I take an hour-long walk where I think about my project; sometimes I spend 20 minutes meditating with a recorded relaxation Podcast (check out for some nice non-denominational meditations for beginners;) sometimes I just take ten deep breaths. And sometimes I forget!

How do you find the focus to stick to your work? Find a trick that works for you--or try out one of the above.

:) Cheryl

PS--The bird? Inspiration for writing far from my daily distractions!

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At February 28, 2008 at 6:33 PM , Blogger The Once said...

(Squeaks)Robin had an astmha(sp?) attack? Is that true?! If so, continue to read the italicied text that you hopefully will answer, if not proceed past the italics(Freaks out) How?! When!?! Why!?! Is that why you were at school during lunch?! (Yeah, quite a bit of !!?!, I hope you get a laugh out of this...)(end squeakyness)Akkk! Anyways, you can turn off your phone? And how's meditation, I've always thought it boring...Oh well, Toodleoodles! --Sammy, the chatting-addict

At March 2, 2008 at 12:36 PM , Blogger Cheryl Reif said...

Wow! Yep, I did get a laugh out of all those exclamation points. Talk to R for details on the first part. As for the rest: meditation isn't boring once you figure it out. Not that I'm an expert, but the deep breathing and sitting still are a good way to shed some tension and re-focus. As for turning off phone--that's what answering machines are for :). Can't do it all the time, but sometimes it's a necessity. Moving to the library to work is a good option, too. :)


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