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Writing in Heels

Cheryl's Musings: Writing in Heels

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Writing in Heels

Today is day #3 of this month's book-in-a-week challenge. I've written 20 pages so far out of my 50 pg goal and I think it's time to raise a very important writing question: is it a good idea to write in heels?

I know, weird concept, but I bought these killer suede lace-up pumps with 4 inch heels. I kid you not--they're the highest heeled shoes I've ever owned. They're great. Not the most comfortable walking shoes, sure, but definitely comfy in the heels department. And I wore them for yesterday's writing stint. So--straight from Cheryl--here are the pros and cons of writing in heels:

  1. Feelings of Professionalism-PRO: Maybe it's lame, but I feel more like a professional writer-type person when dressed up. Especially in heels.

  2. Butt-in-Chair Factor-PRO: It's much more difficult to flee the writing scene when wearing 4 inch heels. They provide an ongoing reminder to stay put (key for us distractable types!)

  3. Confidence Factor-PRO: If, by some miracle, an agent were to call during my writing session (and yes, I'd interrupt writing to take an agent's call and will be available 9-12.30 every morning, MST, just in case an agent reads this and wants to give me a call)....Well, I'll feel much better talking to said agent in killer black heels than in, say, my pj's (also inestimable writing attire.)

  4. Goofy Factor-CON: I'm not sure how, but these heels bring out both the professional and the goofball in me. I feel a little like a kindergartner playing dress-up. But maybe that's good. After all, I do write for kids!

  5. Walking Comfort-CON: I can't break for an impromptu creativity walk while wearing 4 inch heels. Nope, not even a creativity ramble. Creativity walks are essential to my writing process long term, but produce fewer words on the page short term. So maybe this is actually a pro (see #2.)

Now, if I were working 9 to 5 in a skirt and heels, I wouldn't raise this question. Comfort would rule in my writing attire. But since I don't (work 9 to 5 in a skirt and heels) those killer pumps may need to come out every once in a while....

So tell me--what d'ya wear when you write?

:) Cheryl

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At March 4, 2008 at 10:28 PM , Blogger Laura said...

If I wore 4-inch heels I'd probably have a concussion within twenty minutes. I'm much more of a "sensible shoes" type. But I'm all for whatever works!



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