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Do-Nothing Time, take 2

Cheryl's Musings: Do-Nothing Time, take 2

Cheryl's Musings

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Do-Nothing Time, take 2

Sunday's rolled around--and I think it's the only reason I've stopped running around like crazy. This has been an exceptionally busy week (I'm not complaining--I'm busy with tasks and projects I've chosen) and when I get too busy, my days start to blur together.

My creative vision starts to get blurry, also.

Today, I'm taking my own advice and grabbing a few hours of do-nothing time. It will be a short block, because I have family to visit with; but I expect I can disappear in my room for an hour or two. I think today's perfect afternoon involves gifts for body, heart, and mind:

  • BODY...

  • an open window, to let in the smell of spring

  • an alpaca blanket bright with colors from Peru

  • HEART...

  • Lily, inspirational poodle extraordinaire (of course)

  • a nap in the sunshine (best kind)

  • MIND...

  • time to journal about the novel I'm rewriting, to tease apart the story threads and play with them

  • quality alone time with some exercises I want to re-visit in Chapter after Chapter

Sounds like I'm doing things during my do-nothing time...but not really. I'm leaving space in my life to rest, recharge and, most important, hear my own heart. It's lovely. Try it!

:) Cheryl

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