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Should you blog? --continued--

Cheryl's Musings: Should you blog? --continued--

Cheryl's Musings

How to Thrive on the Writer's Road


Should you blog? --continued--

Yesterday, I told you to look at why you wanted to blog when thinking about whether you should blog. Well, here are a few "why's" to consider:

  1. Establish a web presence: blogging is an easy, inexpensive way to showcase your writing and establish a professional-looking web presence.

  2. Build a platform: for the nf writer, blogging is a great way to establish credibility in your subject. An online following gives a boost to any book proposal.

  3. Sell something: if you're selling an e-book, coaching, editing, etc., blogging lets you showcase your work and tempt people into buying more.

  4. Writing discipline: blogging calls you to come up with and develop ideas on a regular basis--a terrif writing discipline!

  5. Create a record: some people blog to record a school experience, the publication journey, a backpacking trip through Europe... Some topics are more exciting than others. Consider your target audience and write for them.

  6. Get a job: If you have great, tight writing on high-interest topics, who knows? You might land yourself a column or other writing gig.

  7. Give back to the world: some writers (bless them) blog to share their insight with those of us who aren't quite as far along in our careers. If you have info to share just because you're a great person, that's an awesome reason to blog.

  8. Connection: blogging is a great way to connect with other people--readers, writers, poodle owners. This can be an unexpected blogging bonus or it can be your primary blogging purpose.
:) Cheryl

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