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Colorado Book Awards, Revisited

Cheryl's Musings: Colorado Book Awards, Revisited

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Colorado Book Awards, Revisited

Remember how I was going to the Colorado Book Awards banquet day before last? Well, the bad news it that my friend, Hilari Bell, didn't win. (Although she's still a winner even to reach the banquet--she was one of the top 3 YA authors in the state this year.) The good news is that the woman who did win, Laura Resau, read a passage from her winning book What the Moon Saw and I have a new have-to-read book. I'm not sure how the judges choose between such excellent entries. Laura's writing was beautiful, evocative of another world and culture. Hilari's book, Forging the Sword, is the culmination of a fantasy trilogy in which the world, culture, and story are exquisitely drawn.

Personally, I bet I would have chosen Forging the Sword--but I'm a sucker for fantasy, and Hilari is one of my favorite fantasy authors.

If you're looking for a fun read, check out The Farsala Trilogy by Hilari Bell (Fall of a Kingdom, Rise of a Hero, and Forging the Sword.) The books are filled with surprising plot twists--the kind that you think about later and laugh aloud--and a believable clash between cultures. The three main characters come from different worlds of existence: one is the haughty daughter of the ruling class, one is common peddlar wounded in body and spirit, one is a noble's bastard son and trusted man-at-arms. When their country is invaded by a the mightiest military nation in the world, each of the three is challenged to do their best for their people. When they disagree about what, exactly, "best" means, things get interesting! Their stories intertwine as the story progresses, bringing together three very different people for a common purpose. Sort of.

Okies, I'm off to polish some pages!


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