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Lisa Findley leaves Random House

Cheryl's Musings: Lisa Findley leaves Random House

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Lisa Findley leaves Random House

This came in from the Rocky Mountain SCBWI listserve today:

Lisa Findlay, Editor at Random House Books for Young Readers, is leaving publishing to pursue a teaching career. Although she's moving toMassachusetts, she's not leaving the children's book scene altogether. She's available for freelance editing if you want to contact her at lcf@...

(Some of you may remember that Lisa was a speaker at our 2003 FallConference--she was an Assitant Editor then and we were her firstconference. She did a great job and we're sorry to see her leave publishing but glad she'll still stay involved.)

I still have Lisa Findley's business card in my small collection of cards from editors I'd like to work with someday. She read the first page of my manuscript when it was in its early stages and was very encouraging...she was a delight. As our co-RA, Denise Vega, said: we're sorry to see her go. She was a perceptive and delightful person.


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