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Today's thing to love...Greenwillow Books

Cheryl's Musings: Today's thing to love...Greenwillow Books

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Today's thing to love...Greenwillow Books

One of the delights of my work is that I have to research publishers, to see if they would be interested in my manuscript. I've been continuing research on Greenwillow Books, edited by Martha Mihalick.

From an overview of the books on their list, their fantasy is definitely character-focused, with an emphasis on well-built fantasy worlds and cultures. At first glance, I didn't see any realistic fantasy--perhaps Dragon's Egg and The Merlin Conspiracy? I'm still waiting for Dragon's Egg from interlibrary loan.

Here are some midgrade and YA titles from their current catalog:
  • Chase, by Jessie Haas
  • The Oracle Prophesies, by Catherine Fisher
  • Dragon's Egg, by Sarah Thomson
  • The Feverbird's Claw, by Jane Kurtz (ed. by Rebecca Davis)
  • The King of Attolia, Megan Whelan Turner
  • The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane, by Joseph Delaney
  • The Little Gentleman, by Philippa Pearce
  • The Merlin Conspiracy, by Dianna Wynn Jones
  • The Secret History of Tom Trueheart, by Ian Beck
  • The Secret of the Rose, by Sarah L. Thomson
  • The Sphere of Secrets, by Catherine Fisher
  • Warrior Girl (Joan of Arc), by Pauline Chandler
  • The Wizard (picture book), by Jack Prelutsky

My first read from their list was The Oracle Betrayed, by Catherine Fisher. She creates a beautiful world that weaves in a bit of Greek and a bit of Egyptian mythology--engaging story--interesting characters who I would have liked to know a little better. So I guess I come out ahead, whether Greenwillow is the best publisher for me or not. I've found another great book!


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