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Agents for Children's Fantasy: Maya Rock

Cheryl's Musings: Agents for Children's Fantasy: Maya Rock

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Agents for Children's Fantasy: Maya Rock

I've been checking out a lot of agents over the past weeks, compiling a (short) list of those who might be interested in The Last Violin. Maya Rock is one of those who impressed me. Anyone else looking for an agent for children's fantasy writing? Here's what I learned:

Maya Rock -- Writer's House (

3 WEEK RESPONSE TIME (response time for me--5 days)

Maya Rock is a relatively new agent actively seeking new clients.

In an interview with Michael Neff for the Algonkian Writer's Conference, Maya says:

"I am looking for all that's good, wonderful, interesting, and unique. I have a special yen for literary fiction, historical fiction, YA, practical nonfiction, self-help, and romance. I particularly like books with foreign settings, strong heroines, and a good dose of suspense. I like funny things. I also like some fantasy...If I fall in love with the writing, that's it. I don't think I'd mind much if the writer was crazy or hellish if I loved the writing. But it's also nice when people are flexible about improving and editing their writing before submitting it to publishers. There's often a lot of work to be done in between getting an agent and getting a publisher."

Read the entire interview at
PS--Pictured is the famed Lily, inspirational poodle extraordinaire :-)

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