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Speaking of Pets...

Cheryl's Musings: Speaking of Pets...

Cheryl's Musings

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Speaking of Pets...

We have eight baby mice in our house, looking for homes. Anyone interested in a pet mouse? The mice are an easy sell to the kids in our area, but the moms haven't been as easily won over. I think my kids appreciate me more, since none of their friends' mothers will allow pet rodents in their houses!

These little mice must be on my mind, because in that space between waking and sleeping last night, I had a half-awake dream about mice and dragons. I can't stop thinking about the possible connections. What if dragons were mammals, more similar to bats than to lizards? What if a young mouse found a young dragon and thought it was another mouse? After all, bats look a lot like mice with wings. What if an elderly, near-sighted mouse had a young dragon in the house and thought it was another (strange-looking) mouse?

And that makes me wonder why the young dragon is alone. How does it get along with its mouse friends and adopted family? What problem do they face, that brings them to my attention?

I spent my lunch break sitting outside in the shade, daydreaming about them. I want to know who they are, what happens to them.

I have other writing work to do, first--some science editing, finishing the nonfiction picture book--but for now, the mouse and the dragon continue to tumble about in my mind. I wonder what will come of it!

:) Cheryl

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