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Writing Obsessions

Cheryl's Musings: Writing Obsessions

Cheryl's Musings

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Writing Obsessions

I've discovered that many, many, many creative people have their little...oddities. Obsessions. Weirdnesses, superstitions, rituals, whatever you like to call them. Igor Stravinsky, pinned medals to his underwear for luck; and Chopin had the obsessive-compulsive habit of lining up all his shoes before retiring to bed.

I tell ya, it makes me feel downright normal! My ritual consists of stepping past the lattice-work "wall" into my office space, situating a dog on either side of me, and setting to work on the day's project or three. If I'm feeling really quirky, I'll don my sparkly pink crochet writing scarf and light a scented candle.

My real obsessions, tho, have to do with pens, paper, notebooks, binders...letting me loose in an office supply store is kind of like freeing my dogs in a butcher shop. I don't know where to turn first!

As my kids get a bit older, I'm starting to see signs of similar obsessions with pens and notebooks. Pilot G2's are the only acceptable writing implement for one kid; the other has strong feelers about binders, paper quality, and graph paper. Signs of creative genius? Or signs that my oddities are rubbing off on them?

I'm going with creative genius. Not that I'm biased or anything....

-- Cheryl :-)


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