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Writing Life

On a fairly regular basis, I face a writing conundrum: the busier my life, the more I have to write about--and the less time I have to write it. Does this happen to anyone else? Maybe it's because "busy" in my world usually means getting out of the house more. I suppose I wouldn't get inspired by more hours at my desk!

Busy right now means helping kids register for school, starting Rush Hour (a program with church,) and taking care of sick kids (bummer--and just as school is about to start!)

It also means observing high school students in their natural habitat; jotting down funny phrases (like when my sick kiddo said, "I feel so awful I'm tempted to swear, and I don't even know what those words mean!"); and foregoing housework in order to catch a bit of writing time... Oh wait. I do that anyways :-).

What do busy days mean for you? Do they inspire or hinder your writing, or a little bit of both?

-- Cheryl :-)



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