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Advice on blogging

Cheryl's Musings: Advice on blogging

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Advice on blogging

Alice Pope, editor of the Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market has started writing "Blogger of the Week" posts about up-and-coming children's writers. They're fun reads (and she writes a darned informative blog), but I thought this week's blogger-of-the-week was particularly wonderful. Alice interviewed Laurel Snyder who offers this cogent advice:

...a blog is published material. So we should all remember--it is one thing to be a crazed maniac online, and quite another to be a DUMB crazed maniac. If you want to say crazy things, try to sound smart and funny. Smart funny writers can get away with almost anything.

And please, for the love of Mike, do not tell us anything you don't want your boss (or your husband) to know.

:) What more can I say? Check out the whole interview here for your daily dose of wisdom and humor.




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