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News from 1891...

Cheryl's Musings: News from 1891...

Cheryl's Musings

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News from 1891...

News article from The Hot Springs Daily Star, Tuesday March 31, 1891:

Undesirable Knowledge.

The itinerant vender [sic] of microscopes for the purpose of disclosing a wriggling mass of animalculae on staple articles of food should be treated as an enemy of mankind. Where knowledge nauseates, 'tis folly to be wise.

As a scientist (as well as a writer,) this particular nugget cracked me up. An enemy of mankind, for selling microscopes? It reminds me, though, that people don't always want to hear--or see--truth. Knowledge has the power to nauseate, as well as the power to prevent disease, predict hurricanes, and build nuclear bombs.

Right now, medical science is approaching the point where doctors will be able to diagnose rapidly the predisposition to certain serious cancers and diseases. Good knowledge, right? Except that if insurance companies know you're predisposed to develop heart disease or lupus or Hodgkin's lymphoma, will they insure you?

Hmm. This is a much bigger subject than time allows right now. I have three weeks remaining to scan through four rolls of microfilm at my local library, plus I'm helping out with my local SCBWI (Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators) fall conference this weekend. Expect a full report next week!

Meanwhile, remember: Knowledge is a powerful, wonderful, terrible thing. Use it wisely.




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