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Children's Fantasy Agents: Jenny Rappaport

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Children's Fantasy Agents: Jenny Rappaport

Another agent on my short list is Jenny Rappaport. I'm not sure she's the right agent for me, because she seems to steer more toward YA and adult fantasy--but she definitely is a fantasy fan, and I love some of the books she's represented! Besides, Emma Bull's War for the Oaks is one of her favorite books, so I like her already.

Things to note:

  • She's getting married sometime in the near future (or just did?) so don't expect a speedy response

  • She does NOT want e-mail queries--stick to snail mail unless you're an international author

  • She does not want sample pages, just a query letter, synopsis, and SASE

  • She does not return manuscripts. I guess that means if you don't hear from her, she's not interested.

Here are her interests, taken from her blog at

I primarily represent science fiction and fantasy, horror, young adult fiction, and romance. I also do represent some nonfiction material, but it's not my primary area. In terms of SFF, I like almost all examples of the genre, even epic fantasy, but I'm very picky if something sounds cliched. There's so much wonderful material out there to explore that every fantasy novel doesn't need the stereotypical elf, dwarf, and farmboy-turned-world savior, all of whom start their adventure in a bar with tavern wenches. Regarding horror, I tend to go more towards the darker, psychological side of things, and I very firmly do not like splatterpunk. I represent all types of young adult fiction, but my favorites are the ones that fall into the SFF or horror genres. Regarding romance, I am only looking for historical romances, as well as paranormal romances (contemporary or historical). I also do a splattering of women's fiction in there, and I'm always a sucker for a very good historical novel.

I do not represent picture books, most types of nonfiction, and anything religious in nature. I am also not fond of literary fiction because I feel like it tends towards too much navel-gazing and overanalyzation of psyches.

For more info and specific guidelines, check out her blog.

:) Cheryl


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