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Non-Writing Weeks

Cheryl's Musings: Non-Writing Weeks

Cheryl's Musings

How to Thrive on the Writer's Road


Non-Writing Weeks

Does anyone else have weeks when they feel as if their writing-selves are getting edged out of the picture? That's been this week. Don't get me wrong--it hasn't been a bad week--just a week when all my other roles are hollering for attention: Mom Cheryl, wife Cheryl, tutor Cheryl, slave to the domestic creatures get the picture.

It works for a while. I drop the writing (mostly--I can't ever really drop writing) and focus on all the other important stuff in my life. But after a while I start to develop withdrawal symptoms. Hmm. Is writing an addiction?

Or maybe writing is like air for some of us. We need writing to feel like our best selves. We need it to feel grounded, creative, human, interesting, or like a contributing member of society...or all of the above. We need it to figure out what we think. We need it to relax and we need it so that we can, afterward, free our minds for other things.

Theoretically speaking, of course :). I'd write more, but...I have to catch up on some writing. I hope you all find time to do the same!


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