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Speaking of Children...

Cheryl's Musings: Speaking of Children...

Cheryl's Musings

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Speaking of Children...

I'm mighty glad mine are tolerant, because they're so coolthat I always want to take notes. I write for kids because, for whatever weird reason of my own, my pen always seems to adopt a middle-school (or, occasionally, YA) voice. I write for kids pulling from the details I remember from my own days in school, dealing with family, and generally growing toward being an adult.

But--let's face it--we writers always need fresh material.

So how do I avoid embarrassing them?

So far, I do so by changing names to protect the innocent. I also avoid posting those naked 2-year-old pics (not that there are any). I guess that by the time a particular situation, snatch of conversation, or character detail makes it into a story, no one but a select few can tell what inspired me. Hmmm...I'm talking myself into collecting more anecdotes.

Because, after all, kids like to share their stories--even with someone who might immortalize them on the page!

:) Cheryl

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