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Good News and Bad News

Cheryl's Musings: Good News and Bad News

Cheryl's Musings

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Good News and Bad News

That's pretty much my life right now: full of the good and not-so-good alike. They're intertwined; if I didn't have the "bad" I wouldn't have the good, either. Weird.
  • Good news: I'm within millimeters of sending out Juggling the Keystone (which has been basically done for over a week). Bad news: between lots of freelance work, a few sick days, and life, I haven't had time--and don't expect to have time--to make those last few changes and get it off my desk.

  • Good news: I've got lots of ideas and am itching to return to several other great projects. Bad news: See above.

  • Good news: Even though I've been crazy-busy, I've been doing a TON of reading lately--Suzanne Collins, Libba Bray, Lauren Myracle, and others. Bad news: That's because I'm so busy that at the end of the day I can't sleep, so I pick up a good book...and stay up until I finish it. (I know, not the smartest thing, but I can't resist great books. Luckily, children's lit and YA tend to be short.)

Good/bad, black/white...that's how I used to think. That's how kids think a lot of the time. As we get older, we start seeing more of the mix of good and bad, plus and minus, in our lives and in the world around us. What do we do with it?

I guess if you're like me, you write! Happy writing...

:) Cheryl



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