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Notes to Start a Writer's Week

Cheryl's Musings: Notes to Start a Writer's Week

Cheryl's Musings

How to Thrive on the Writer's Road


Notes to Start a Writer's Week

  1. Christmas is a time for giving and loving and spending time with family. Note, though, that it's okay for some of that time to involve books, hot chocolate, and comfy sofa cuddling.

  2. Yes, you will survive the holidays. Just keep writing.

  3. Yes, Beau will survive the holidays also. Probably. Remember: think of him as inspiration. I'm sure your next book really needs a high-energy, claustrophobic, bouncy, eager-to-please puppy with a fondness for chewing pencils, erasers, pens, scissors, Christmas ornaments, and wicker baskets. Really.

  4. No, the neighborhood hasn't yet started that decorations committee. No worries.

  5. I'm sure there is another mother out there, somewhere, who accidentally writes story ideas on the back of her kids' permission slips. Teachers never read the backs of permission slips. Right?

  6. Yes, it's okay for your 9-year-old to copyedit your latest manuscript. It's also okay that he thinks MS Word's manuscript review tools are really, really cool. Geekiness might possibly run in the family....

  7. No, you don't really have obsessive compulsive disorder, and you aren't really addicted to checking email, even if you do occasionally look for responses to submissions that you haven't actually sent yet. You're rehearsing.

  8. Maybe you should rehearse making Christmas cookies, too. And Italian cream cake. And sample them.

  9. And while you're rehearsing, the dogs think you need to practice your dog walking skills. They've rated you sadly lacking.

  10. Catching snowflakes on your tongue is a perfectly wonderful way to inspire...well...just about everything wonderful.

Happy writing!


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