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I'm finally digging back into the rewrite of my WIP, after the various distractions that come with summer, kids, life, and coordinating a contest. I feel as if I'm getting together with a long-lost friend, all happy and hyped and full of too much to say.

I'm busy incorporating the changes I've outlined (which will keep me busy for a while) but I'm wondering it I should dive into a few writing exercises on the side as well. For inspiration :). I've had great luck with the exercises in Donald Maas's Writing the Breakout Novel workbook. For worldbuilding, Lee Killough's Checking On Culture: A Checklist for Culture Building is unparalleled.

I also just stumbled across a series of blog posts designed for the novel-revising writer. So far, they look excellent. So if you're busy revising your own WIP, check out Darcy Pattison's "30 Days to a Stronger Novel" series at:

Happy writing!


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