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Confessions of a Distracted Writer

Cheryl's Musings: Confessions of a Distracted Writer

Cheryl's Musings

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Confessions of a Distracted Writer

I'm in the midst of rewriting my MG fantasy, Juggling the Keystone. Everything's set for me to crank out pages: I brainstormed scenes with a friend last week and hashed out the last few plot glitches. I have my days free with both kids at camp. I have no other major projects I have to work on right now. The house is even passably clean!

So...what did I do today? Here's a partial list:

  • Ran a half dozen errands. This included a suddenly urgent need to spend an hour in B&N choosing just the right crochet book from the dozens available.

  • Started a new crochet project. (It's a bag to carry my little Moleskine writing notebook, so it counts as writing time. Right?)

  • Polished up a few craft articles.

  • Listed a dozen craft ideas that I should really test, write up, and submit. Right away.

  • Researched a dozen craft markets, since my standards probably don't want me to send them a dozen crafts simultaneously.

  • Packed up that pair of boots with the broken zipper that's been sitting under my desk for 6 months, waiting to be returned to the manufacturer.

I also spent an hour and a half actually working on the rewrite. And it was hard! What's with that? I have all these beautiful ideas in my head; I think I'm subconsciously expecting them to materialize on the page, perfect as snowflakes.

I will say, I didn't recognize my blatant procession of procrastination techniques until I finally sat down at my computer to work. I'll be better prepared tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I'll try to remember that I DON'T need to get the perfect words on the page on the first try--even during the "final" rewrite. I just have to get the words down. Later, I can add the polish.

:-) Cheryl

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