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Virtual Travel (for the cash-strapped writer)

Cheryl's Musings: Virtual Travel (for the cash-strapped writer)

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Virtual Travel (for the cash-strapped writer)

I need to return to Peru. I'm in the midst of writing this novel that takes place almost entirely in this beautiful country--and I need to collect more details. You know, the stuff that brings a story to life. The way the bus smells, the little girl giving her stuffed puppy a drink from a puddle, the boom of ABBA's "Money, Money, Money" from a passing taxi. Yes, I have quite a lot of this info from my trip in January--but I want to take my characters to places I haven't been.

I'm trying to plan a return journey to South America, but realistically, I'm not sure if and when it's going to happen. I do have kids, husband, dogs, work, and other real-life things to give myself to, as well!

Luckily, this is one of the wonderful ways that the Internet helps out writers. Many world-travelers post blogs about their travels, complete with the awesome sorts of details that you won't find in a run-of-the-mill guidebook. Are you thinking about setting your story in a location far from home? Check out some of these sites for travelers' accounts:

Enjoy! :) Cheryl

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