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Good news from fellow writers

Cheryl's Musings: Good news from fellow writers

Cheryl's Musings

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Good news from fellow writers

You know what I love about writing? (Well, one of the many things.) I love the connections I make with so many cool writing people. I also love sharing the celebrations when my writing friends and soulmates succeed. True, some of them don't know we're soulmates, but as writers on the same road, we are. I still get to jump up and down for them from afar.

So here are a few random things to celebrate:

  • Laura Deal's gripping YA fantasy Wind Ringer placed third in this year's "The Sandy" writing contest, Sci-Fi and Fantasy category. Hurray!

  • Claudia McAdam ( and Anna-Maria Crum's ( delightful picture book Maria's Mysterious Mission is up for this year's Colorado Book Award...which means I get to cheer for them at the next CBA banquet. Check it out--it's a terrific read!

  • Fiona Bayrock Smith's ( upcoming science book Bubble Homes and Fish Farts will be a Junior Library Guild Selection. I've been enjoying Fiona's writing for a while now. Congrats!

  • Local author Denise Vega's Fact of Life #31 is out! This is one of the first books I was privileged to critique before it hit the presses. And the book is amazing! No surprise, given the author, I suppose.

I love being a member of such a great world of writers!


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At June 25, 2008 at 2:56 PM , Blogger The Once said...

Ebulliently? Another fun eword :). But, though this is like totally off topic, umm...Are you going to go to writing camps? If so which? 'Cuz I'm dealing w/ planning my own activities this summer. But, umm...I'm in week two, which I also don't know the dates for...So...Umm...Yeah. And Conneticut is fun :).
--Of course, who else, but, Sammie


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