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The Mystery of Disappearing Weeks

Cheryl's Musings: The Mystery of Disappearing Weeks

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The Mystery of Disappearing Weeks

How the heck do three weeks fly past with absolutely no blog posts here? Very Mysterious. But here are some (fun) reasons:

  1. School's out!

  2. Big medical writing project (while school's out)

  3. Contract writing project--48 pages in a week and a half--fun and pays, but wow!

  4. Did I mention school's out?

  5. New novel keeping me up at night until I write it

  6. A week sailing in the San Juan Islands, sans computer (aka heaven, albeit much colder than I expected)

  7. Two more contract writing projects--I just agreed to write two more books in the next two and a half weeks :P

  8. A friend's wonderful fantasy novel to read and critique

  9. Prep for this year's Rocky Mountain SCBWI Fall Conference (where I coordinate the manuscript critiques--get those manuscripts ready for a late July deadline!)

All my writing energy was channeled elsewhere for a bit, something I honestly didn't think was possible since I'm seldom low on writing energy. Maybe I was just low on energy, overall, and decided to sleep instead of blog. Can that happen?

At any rate, I'm back, recharged from a week at sea even if I am still frightfully busy. Which is a wonderful thing.

:) Cheryl



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