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Life and Critique Groups

Cheryl's Musings: Life and Critique Groups

Cheryl's Musings

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Life and Critique Groups

My life has been extraordinarily busy lately, with lots of writing but very little blogging. One reason for the busy-ness? I attended (and helped out with) my local SCBWI chapter's Spring Workshop last weekend. Wow! What a great weekend of instruction and inspiration! It left me with many thoughts to share, starting with the #1 question I hear from beginning writers:

Where do I find a critique group?

Critique groups are a wonderful tool for writers of all levels, where writers can receive feedback, get new perspectives on their work, and grow as writers--not to mention all the emotional and mental support such groups offer. I've heard frequent presentations on the benefits of a good critique group. How do you find one? That's a bit trickier.

First, what kind of group do you need? There are three general types of critique groups: face-to-face, private online, and large-group online groups. Over the next week, I'll discuss each type and how to find your own writing group. Tomorrow: Face-to-Face Groups.

:) Cheryl

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