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Why we write...

Cheryl's Musings: Why we write...

Cheryl's Musings

How to Thrive on the Writer's Road


Why we write...

Why do I write for children?

  • Because the world contains astonishing beauty

  • Because the world contains unanswerable evil

  • Because people surprise me with kindness

  • Because of the gifts of sunrises, babies, boxer pups, and love

  • Because of the times death tears up my insides

  • Because I remember skiing backwards just because it was fun

  • Because I remember the ache of being the "weird kid"

  • Because I remember the joy of standing in the wind on top of a 60 foot silo

  • Because I remember watching a house burn, wondering if the world was ending

  • Because all these things soak through me and force their way out into stories

  • Because I want to help some other kid, somewhere, figure out some of these things

Why do you write? I'd guess we share some of the same reasons. Today, enjoy the gift of writing....


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