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Affirmations--another segue on staying motivated

Cheryl's Musings: Affirmations--another segue on staying motivated

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Affirmations--another segue on staying motivated

Yesterday, thoughtevolution posted a comment to one of the earlier "Staying Motivated" blog entries, asking whether I ever use affirmations. It's such a great topic that I wanted to talk a bit about affirmations.

First: What are affirmations? Cheryl's two-cent definition is that an affirmation is a statement of something about yourself that you don't yet believe but want to internalize. The idea is that when you say something to yourself enough times, you begin to believe it. For example, "I am a great writer."

Second: Do I use them? Absolutely! I wasn't sure they really worked until I tried the idea, but they do. Affirmations have helped me to internalize beliefs that I held in my head and not in my heart. They also help to counter the lack of feedback that comes with freelance writing.

Third: Give them a try. Make a list of five things you'd like to believe about yourself. (No, you can't include things like "I believe I will win the lottery" or "I will publish a book this year." I don't think those count as affirmations. Maybe they fit the Law of Attraction philosophy--but that's a different concept, one that I don't advocate.)

Here are a few of my own, which I fear I'd forgotten over the past few weeks. I'm dusting them off for some affirmation renewal!

  1. I am decisive.

  2. I am organized.

  3. I have great value.

  4. I am a great mom.

  5. I say "no" without guilt.

Thank you, thoughtevolution, for reminding me of a powerful technique!

:) Cheryl

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