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Cheryl's Musings: Summer!

Cheryl's Musings

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IMG_0680 It’s summer! Hurray! And…help!

Hurray because the stress of school is finished and I have my kids around more. I actually do kinda like them!

Help for almost the same reasons. School’s out, my kids are home, and suddenly I find myself trying to do all my normal work plus spend quality time with the family. Guess how that’s working out?

The funny thing is that this happens to me every year. You’d think I’d figure it out. In fact, I blogged about this very topic last year and linked to some of my other online friends and inspirations who were wrestling with the same situation. And yet every year, summer and its scheduling challenges sneak up on me.

What’s a writer to do?

I’ll tell you: this writer is going to make a new plan and a new schedule that balances time for gardening, swimming excursions, hikes, and camping with time for writing, reading, and researching. I’ll get less done than I want to get done—but then, I always get less done than I want to get done, not because I’m unproductive but because I’m occasionally unrealistic in my goals :).

Wish me luck!



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