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RMC-SCBWI Conference Report (or, at least, the start)

Cheryl's Musings: RMC-SCBWI Conference Report (or, at least, the start)

Cheryl's Musings

How to Thrive on the Writer's Road


RMC-SCBWI Conference Report (or, at least, the start)

Finally, I'm here to report on the RMC-SCBWI fall conference! Geez, it's taken me more than a week...a sign of 1) the enthusiasm with which I returned, and 2) the enthusiasm of my family for having me home again! Forgive me a crazy week's delay.

First thing to report: our Keynote speaker, author Bruce Hale, rocks. He gave an inspirational and encouraging opening talk: "Four letter words that get you through the rough spots". His words--RISK, GOAL, PUSH, and LUCK--might not be the ones you expect, but he tied them together into a neat writer-rescue package. I'm afraid they'll lose some of their impact without Bruce's optimistic presence to relate the specifics, but here's a quick overview:

  • RISK: Life rewards risk. When he tries something new, it shows up in his work. Start small, consider the worst-case scenario, check with your gut--and be willing to embrace the risks because they'll transform you.

  • GOAL: Make goals. Make them specific. Reward yourself for achieving them.

  • PUSH: This is the one that spoke to me, perhaps because I've been getting bogged down in procrastination a bit lately. It's a long race, he said. Until you push yourself, you never know how far or how fast your can go--in life or in writing.

  • LUCK: Maximize your opportunities. Listen to your hunches. Expect good luck. When you hit a patch of bad luck, turn it into good.

  • DARE: Take chances!

My primary take-homes from Bruce's talk? Besides the general encouragement (and practical pointers from his other sessions,) I've set myself a new goal as I tackle a rewrite project that seems (occasionally) insurmountable: 5 pages of rewritten (new) text a day or one chapter of editing. So far, it's working--I've tripled my forward progress. Which is good, because I have several folks now waiting to see this book as soon as I'm satisfied with it!

:) Cheryl

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