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Ten Tips for Making Time to Write

Cheryl's Musings: Ten Tips for Making Time to Write

Cheryl's Musings

How to Thrive on the Writer's Road


Ten Tips for Making Time to Write

In the interest of continuing a fabulous new year, here are some ideas for how to find that ever-elusive writing time:

  1. Learn to use 10 min. time slots for creativity bursts.

  2. End each writing session by planning where you'll start next time. This prepares you to dive right in--and it helps your subconscious chew on ideas in the interim.

  3. Put writing dates in your planner--and then follow through.

  4. Create a routine, a set time when you write, no matter how short or long that time might be.

  5. Manage others' expectations. Interruptions are the bane of creative flow, so make sure that kids, roommates, pets, and spouses know that writing time is sacred. (In my house, people may interrupt my writing time for blood or fire.)

  6. Start each writing time with a short ritual that helps you set aside the day's mental clutter.

  7. Look for time-wasters in your life--and eliminate them. TV, surfing the internet, playing World of Warcraft...they can help you to relax, but they can also be major time sinks. CHOOSE where you're spending your time; don't let life just happen.

  8. Outsource some of your responsibilities--cleaning, cooking, errands, etc. It you can hire a house cleaner, more power to you; but even if you can't, you can explore ways to decrease your work load. For ex., this year some friends and I started a dinner coop. Once a week, I cook and deliver dinner to two other families. Two other nights a week, they bring dinner to me. I spend less time cooking one large meal than cooking several smaller meals. What creative solutions can you find to simplify your life?

  9. Learn to say no. This can be tough: any freelancer working from a home office has to fight the commonly-held view that he or she has lots of free time. Value your writing time; don't let it always slip to last on your list.

  10. Make a list of reasons writing is good for you. Post it prominently in your writing space (or on the back of a writing notebook) to remind you to take time for the important things in your life--including writing.

:) Cheryl

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