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Happy New Year!

Cheryl's Musings: Happy New Year!

Cheryl's Musings

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Happy New Year!

How's your year beginning?

So far, 2008 looks pretty good in my house. We spent the first day of the new year skiing in a disastrous sort of way--late start, forgotten ski passes, lost mittens, lost husband--and still managed to have a great time. We returned to a house that's reached an unprecedented high-clutter mark and a kitchen covered with the debris of last night's family New Year's Eve party (can you say chocolate fondue? Yum!) and a project due by tomorrow morning....

I know, it doesn't sound like the perfect first day of 2008--but that's exactly why it IS a perfect first day. It was a great day because I got past the multiple-disasters of skiing to enjoy a few really amazing runs; because I ignored the household clutter (after a few moments of anxiety overdrive) and made a calm corner where I could work; and because all of the clutter and busy-ness is the result of a week of spending happy, crazy, busy time with family and friends.

I have an ongoing goal of de-cluttering my house, desk, schedule, and head, but I doubt they'll ever be perfect. And there will always be times, like now, when life's speed quadruples and some things have to slide. So what will I choose? In a great year, I'll choose time with my kids over clean laundry, time with my sweetheart over a picked-up living room, and time with my pen over a de-cluttered closet. That's a lofty goal, but one I reached (mostly) today.

That's why I think 2008 is off to a good start. Nah, a great start! So have a happy, wonderful, mindful 2008.

:) Cheryl

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