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Creating a list...what motivates you?

Cheryl's Musings: Creating a list...what motivates you?

Cheryl's Musings

How to Thrive on the Writer's Road


Creating a list...what motivates you?

It's the end of December. It's cold, gray, and the holidays are wearing you the heck do you find the energy to write instead of hibernate?

How about ending the year by creating a list of your personal writing motivators? Search for things that motivate, inspire, energize, or reward you for taking time to write--and you'll be prepared to begin the new year with new resolve and energy.

Although I can't say what works for you, here are a few of the things that work for me:

  1. An attractive writing space: An uncluttered, quiet corner (or room or armchair or pile of pillows on my bed) lets my mind quiet so that I can focus on creating.

  2. A project bag: I have a tote bag that I try to keep stocked with everything necessary for my work in progress, so that I can grab it whenever a writing opportunity arises. It includes items such as the book outline, a freewriting notebook, nice pens, and whatever I've written so far. As the papers pile, I add a pocket file to keep them organized. I particularly like the Wilson-Jones big mouth filer ( for its removable pockets.

  3. A fragrant candle: What can I say? Beautiful smells motivate me. The warmth, light, and fragrance of a scented candle helps me create a peaceful writing environment.

  4. A writing date: When my home is filled with chaos and clutter (even the happy chaos and clutter that occurs just after Christmas!) sometimes my best writing trick is escape. I make a date with myself and my pen at my favorite coffee shop, find a well-lit table, and can lose myself in hours of writing. Some of my most productive writing times have been in busy bookstore coffee shops--which is odd for someone as easily distracted as I am!

  5. A creativity walk: When I'm stuck for words, a walk or hike will often allow ideas to rise to the surface of my mind. Sometimes ideas are shy. They wait until I'm not paying attention to them to pop out--and walking seems to coax them to the surface.

When I combine a pinch of preparation with an ounce of motivation and a sprinkle of reward, I have the perfect recipe for productivity.

:) Cheryl

PS--No more alliteration today, I promise!

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