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Editing, editing, editing!

Cheryl's Musings: Editing, editing, editing!

Cheryl's Musings

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Editing, editing, editing!


Is it a sign of too much rewriting and editing when you start to look at the whole world that way? Take the hat pictured to the left: normally, I would consider this a fine hat. Beautiful yarn, soft texture, bright colors…. but after weeks of nonstop thinking about character, voice, writing style, and audience, I found myself viewing this finished project with editing-type questions. Does this pattern display the yarn’s colorway to its best effect? Have I created the best texture for the piece? Will the audience love this hat, or would a different color emphasis be better?

So…I’ve torn out most of this hat to make another, which I can’t display here yet, in case its intended recipient reads my blog :). But I’ll be sure to post a pic later, because I think the “revised” hat is much better than the original, even though I though the original hat (above) was pretty fun.

At least this particular type of revision works. It’s when I start trying to erase a day from the plot of my life that things really start getting confused…I’ll have to warn my family of my current mindset. Maybe they’ll give me more writing time, just to get it out of system before I do something really nutty!

:) Cheryl

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