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A brief hiatus...

Cheryl's Musings: A brief hiatus...

Cheryl's Musings

How to Thrive on the Writer's Road


A brief hiatus... I head into the mountains for some camping, reading, relaxing, and so on. Yes, it will be tough, dear readers, but I will shoulder this burden and return to you in a few days.

:) seriously, I'm hoping to clear my head and make some progress on this danged* rewrite. In the past three days, I've decided that my story is about five or more different things, all of which seemed perfect at the time and horrific a few hours later.

Now, my head is spinning so much I'm not sure the story is about anything! Wish me luck as I seek clarity and inspiration!

:) Cheryl

*Autocorrect wants to change "danged rewrite" to "fanged rewrite". Oddly appropriate, don't you think?!

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