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An Unanticipated Break…

Cheryl's Musings: An Unanticipated Break…

Cheryl's Musings

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An Unanticipated Break…

iStock_000011488510Medium Many of my fellow writers take a break from blogging when, say, it’s Spring Break and their children will be home from school. Now I know why! I’ve missed you, oh fellow Blog-o-sphere inhabitants!

A quick summary of events since I last posted:

  1. A March blizzard rated a snow day for the local school district. Of course, since it was Spring Break, the kids were out of school anyway….
  2. Multiple sunny, 70 degree days coaxed tulips out of hiding.
  3. My agent, Gary Heidt, started submitting my latest book, a YA paranormal (Yay!!!).
  4. I took my first ride on a road bike since I tried to learn to ride on my father’s bicycle at age ten.
  5. My Google Reader crept up to 1000+ unread posts (ack!)
  6. I discovered that The Container Store opened a store within driving distance :)

I’m back now, though, ready to continue the series on The Happy Writer, which you can find in the following posts:

It’s good to be back :).


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