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Filling Your Tank

Cheryl's Musings: Filling Your Tank

Cheryl's Musings

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Filling Your Tank

Two weeks in arrears, I'm here to tell you about a writing retreat and a sign from the universe.

Two weeks ago, I attended my local SCBWI's summer retreat at the lovely Franciscan Center in Colorado Springs. There I had the chance to reimmerse myself in a new writing project while surrounded by flowers, wildlife, and--best of all--friends.

Sometimes a big block of time is the precise presciption to get me rolling on a piece of writing.

The sign from the universe? That came in the form of a toilet tank that intermittently refused to refill. Usually for the same person, one of my roommates. Seems a message about the importance of refueling, don't you think?

Luckily, she was at a retreat, the perfect place to do so.

-- Cheryl :-)

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