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Where is Cheryl?

Cheryl's Musings: Where is Cheryl?

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Where is Cheryl?

I know, I know—I’ve been MIA on the blog front. That’s because I’ve given myself an ultimatum: I’m not allowed to do anything but WRITE until I finish my WIP (the Peru book), which I expected to finish two weeks ago.

Yes, that was an unrealistic expectation, in retrospect, since that would have had me finishing during Spring Break week. But I thought *surely* I would finish *last* week—not taking into account the plethora of school- and kid-related meetings we had scheduled. I also didn’t take into account the fact that I would be replotting the entire ending sequence of events. I guess that one was because I didn’t expect to replot, but there you have it.

Why do stories defy our best attempts at prediction?

Anyhow, I have a new direction and three chapters to write and, theoretically, the time to write them. Here's the word count report for March and the start of April:

3/1 – 3/7 7730 words

3/8 – 3/14 8320 words

3/15 - 3/21 1540 words

3/22 - 3/28 3070 words

3/29 - 4/4 2360 words

I didn’t meet my word count goals the past few weeks, but I’m determined to plow through to the end this week. Go, go, go!!!

Happy writing to everyone :)


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