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Writing is HARD...

Cheryl's Musings: Writing is HARD...

Cheryl's Musings

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Writing is HARD...

Did I ever mention my friend Julie's idea? Writers need a special version of the infamous "Math is hard" Barbie: ours would say "Writing is hard...."

Somehow that still manages to surprise me. When I sit down to write a new scene, I'm always caught unaware by the resistance that springs--can it be?--from inside me. I'm so used to battling external obstacles: finding time to write, removing distractions, balancing writing time with other details like laundry, exercise, eating, parenting, and occasional interactions with other humans.

So here I am, with two hours to spend working on my current project, and what happens? I'm bombarded with all the other things "I should do first." I should set up that IM client so I can communicate with folks on another project...I should write out deadlines for rewriting each chapter...I should crochet a few minutes to calm my whirling brain...I should make those changes on a Powerpoint presentation...I should go answer e-mails...I should I should I should. Blech.

I've had this running dialog with myself about all the things I should do instead of writing. The underlying issue, of course, is that the rewrite has stalled. I need to describe a room in a way that sets mood, gives a few concrete setting details, and moves the story forward--all in three sentences or so. And it's, yes, hard.

What do I do with this? Keep on keeping on, I suppose. I blog about it, so I get the craziness of it out where I can laugh at myself :). I determine that the world will not end if I complete my two hours of writing time without jumping up to do laundry or answer e-mails or accomplish whatever other urgent task has popped into my head. And I write the flipping paragraph. The first thing I write will suck. The second will be much better. The third might involve scrapping the first two tries altogether for a fresh start...and it's all progress.

I just have to do it. Even if writing is, occasionally, hard.

:) Cheryl

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