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Hiking Inspiration

Cheryl's Musings: Hiking Inspiration

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Hiking Inspiration

When I have a story problem/question to consider, I can usually find inspiration most quickly if I step away from my desk.

IMG_0714So that’s what I did this morning: stepped away from my desk and into the mountains a bit of hiking inspiration before snow* hits later today or tomorrow.

The result? I returned home on a hiking high, with a few cool new ideas, ready to tackle today’s to-do list. Plus I have a few pics to share**, so you can be inspired vicariously.

  IMG_0719  IMG_0734










*Yes, it’s mid-May and we’re expecting more snow. What can I say? That’s Colorado for you.

**Inspired by the photo-filled blog of my new writing friend, Wendee Holtcamp. Visit here to see her photo of us hiking together during the Writing Away Retreat.

:) Cheryl



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