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Recent conversation re. glasses

Cheryl's Musings: Recent conversation re. glasses

Cheryl's Musings

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Recent conversation re. glasses

glassesMe: Guess what? I’m getting glasses!

10-year-old F: (horrified gasp) You’re kidding!

Me: No, I need glasses.

F: Don’t do it! It will make you look weird.

Me: You know, I’ve been wearing glasses more years of my life than not.

F: But not during the years that I’ve known you.

Me: Don’t worry. I won’t wear them all the time.

F: Ahhhh! (breaks into nearly-realistic sobs of anguish)

I, on the other hand, am ridiculously happy about the glasses. This is the first time in my life when I can pick out any frames I want; when I used to wear them, asymmetrical frames meant Coke-bottle lenses that had to be ground down at the edges so the arms would close. I kid you not.

I haven’t worn glasses or contacts or anything for the past seven or so years, which was nice, but my eyes aren’t bad enough now for me to have to wear them all the time. Meanwhile, it’s like a do-over: I get to pick out cute frames and wear them or not as I please. My inner kid is very, very pleased.

:) Cheryl



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