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I can’t remember…

Cheryl's Musings: I can’t remember…

Cheryl's Musings

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I can’t remember…

  …the last time life crept up upon me and dealt me such a round of busy-ness. I expect the usual summer slide of time, when there are kids home and vacations and travel and other such time-consuming activities; but the last few weeks have brought such a slew of work and errands and writing and so on, that I’ve started to lose track of what day it is. Seriously.iStock_000011488510Medium

I saw the light at the end of the tunnel today, not because I reached the end of my to-do list (I didn’t) and not because I reached the bottom of my in box (not even close)—but today, I finally took the time to water my poor pots of flowers, which had been threatening to die completely in the end-of-summer heat. It might sound silly, but when I’m this busy even the two minutes required to water four flower pots becomes…overwhelming. Maybe it’s not really an unmanageable task, but there’s always some other task more urgent until I reach the dropping point.

Yes, I can be a bit all-or-nothing. I’m working on it.

The bad part about being so busy is that without some down time, I start to lose touch with my creativity. I don’t come up with blog ideas; my book rewrite seems hopeless and overwhelming; and I wonder why the heck I ever thought I could be a writer.

But today I saw the light. Even took a few minutes to show my face in the blog-o-sphere ((WAVES WILDLY)) whilst sitting on my front porch beside the afore-mentioned flower pots. They’re a little scant in the flower department, but hey, with a little water, they’ll be better in no time.

Kinda like me!

So—here’s hoping that all of you are finding time to write and time to recharge and time just to be, because sometimes that what the Muse requires before she doles out inspiration and delight. Being busy has its place, but in my life, at least, it’s time to slow down a bit!

:) Cheryl



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