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Writing in Breck

Cheryl's Musings: Writing in Breck

Cheryl's Musings

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Writing in Breck

imageI left my husband, two boys, and two dogs to fend for themselves for several days while I headed to the mountains to work hard on three different WIPs*, eat thee gourmet meals a day courtesy of our lovely hostess, Cicily, lounge in overstuffed chairs in front of the fire, meditate in the hot tub….


I do feel a smidgeon of guilt for having such a wonderful time without my family, but they’re the very best family ever to let me go and work so very, very, very hard.

Really :).

I took a fantastic creativity hike up the mountain behind the house, which resulted in plot ideas galore for the new novel—a novel that is, as yet, only a hodge podge of characters, settings, and concepts. Here are some of the bike “terrain park” obstacles I discovered atop the mountain behind the house:



Happy writing!

:) Cheryl

*because I’m an optimist. Yes, let’s call it that—sounds much better than crazy.

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