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colored_pencilsWant to try your hand at a little science writing for kids? With something like 80% of the magazine market devoted to nonfiction (and yes, I completely made up that number—but it is actually in that ballpark, if I wasn’t too lazy to search out a source) it’s worth your time to experiment with your inner naturalist. Or chemist, biologist, or physicist.

Children’s Writer, the newsletter of the Institute of Children’s Literature, is sponsoring a writing contest for science writing, deadline February 27, 2010. (Actually, they’re sponsoring another contest, too, this one for historical fiction if that’s your cup-o-tea).

Entry  is free if you subscribe to Children’s Writer and $13 if not—and since the price of subscribing to the newsletter is $19 a year, you might want to sign up for those two trial issues to see if it’s something you find helpful. I do!

And I don’t even get a commission for saying that. :)




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