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A New World

Cheryl's Musings: A New World

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A New World


Well, after spending a weekend feeling lousy—mostly sick in bed—I got up today feeling like I’d stepped into a new world. After yesterday’s rain, huge drops of water sparkle on every leaf and grass blade; the path to my son’s school is awash with lilac fragrance; tulips, irises, basket-of-gold, and lilacs splash the world with color; and the songbirds are out in force, fighting over territory and mates with a battle of music. It was like stepping into a fantasy world, painted just a bit too bright and beautiful to be real.

Or maybe that’s one gift of the writer—seeing the storybook ideal overlaying the real world.

Or maybe that’s just what I do when I’ve been sick: see everything with fresh eyes. For instance, I get up in the morning assuming that I’m completely better when, in fact, I might still be dragging just a little…or a lot. It just seems, to my storybook mind, that if I want to be better, I should be better. I have so many things I want to do!!!

If anyone knows how to make that work, please let me know. Otherwise, I think I’ll be having a slightly less productive day today than I’d originally fantasized!

:) Cheryl



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